Train Journeys of the World Edited by Susan Gordon


This book explores 30 of the most spectacular and famous routes in the world, from the magnificent, nostalgic Orient-Express line to the modern, high-speed efficiency of the Japanese ‘bullet train’. Nineteen modern-day explorers recount their adventures as they travel all around the world – through Mongolia, along the Nile, from coast to coast in Australia, down the length of Italy, across America and Canada, into the high Andes, around the Aegean, into the heart of Africa.

The names of the trains evoke their own special magic – the Mandalay Express, Al Andalus, the Sunset Limited, the Glacier Express.

The story of each route, from Scotland to Chile, Thailand to Norway, is told in detail, capturing the atmosphere of the people and places, the enclosed world of the train and the greater landscape beyond the windows. Maps have been specially drawn to accompany each route, and the book is full of superb, evocative photographs.

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