The Masonic Myth by Jay Kinney


About the Book
The Truth Revealed

Freemasons have been connected to the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, the French Revolution, the Knights Templar, and the pyramids of Egypt. They have been rumored to be everything from a cabal of elite power brokers ruling the world to a covert network of occultists and pagans intent on creating a new world order, to a millennia-old brotherhood perpetuating ancient wisdom through esoteric teachings. Their secret symbols, rituals, and organization have remained shrouded for centuries and spawned theory after theory. The Masonic Myth sets the record straight about the Freemasons and reveals a truth that is far more compelling than the myths.

Critical Praise
“… a book which has the excitement of a thriller with the benefit of being factual. This is real-life (as opposed to “reality”) Freemasonry. And it’s a great story!” – Jim Tresner 33° Grand Cross, Book Review Editor, The Scottish Rite Journal

“This should be the first book anyone reads about Freemasonry. Even those who know a lot about it will benefit from the broad and generous perspective that the founder of “Gnosis Magazine” brings to it.” – Joscelyn Godwin, Colgate University. Author of The Theosophical Enlightenment and The Golden Thread

Kinney’s book, “Masonic Myth,” delves into the mysterious history of the Freemasons and carefully dispels rumors and misconceptions about the brotherhood. – beliefnet

“The Masonic Myth finally sets the record straight about the Freemasons, revealing that the truth is far more compelling than the stories.” – bookgasm

“Kinney does a great job of sharing a whole lot of never-before-seen inside stuff in an easily understood way.” – January Magazine

“…highly-readable and down-to-earth. Backed up by much scholarly research, Kinney methodically examines, and then busts common myths about Masons.” – Boing Boing

“For the history buff or even the student or teacher looking for a one-volume source, this book is probably all they’ll ever need to understand the world of the Freemasons. Recommended.” – Library Journal XPress

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