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David McBride Resume

David McBride 2830 Highpoint Rd | Snellville, GA 30655 | United States | Cellular (678) 876-6119 | Web |

Mathematics Teacher


Award winning Georgia State certified mathematics and software instructor/multimedia developer specializing in Chinese AP Calculus training, computer game development, architectural modeling, web development and computer animation with more than ten years’ experience in teaching, education and instructional design. I created architectural animation that helped win 2.3 million dollars in funding for a high technology multimedia lab at Georgia State University. I created educational flash games and web learning modules for molecular biology and created a flash based university virtual tour of the GSU Recreation Center. I secured a university teaching post at the top art institute in southwest China. I was winner of the Chongqing Excellent Foreign Teacher Award. I opened a multimedia training center in Beijing. I taught AP Calculus test preparation courses to Chinese students in Beijing.


h Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators Mathematics – GACE, Georgia,2016. GACE Combined Mathematics Certification 022, 023 Certification ID#1572865 Expired,


July 5th 2019 to Present

Art of Problem Solving Academy, John’s Creek

Teacher for 2nd Grade Math and Algebra I, Facilitator and instructor for AOPS GAGE program at Riverside Elementary, Assistant for AOPS promotional programs and activities

2016-Present | Consider the Lilies

Deploys and configures ecommerce marketplace solutions to clients.
Performs necessary setup of domains and payment gateways.
Provides training for clients in configuring and maintaining their ecommerce sites
Provides assistance and advanced support to client users of software tools and applications; and trains end users in use of software and development applications.
Performs analysis and research about specific applications and new technology, and interprets specifications, and designs modifications of high complexity.
Provides individual client specific computer hardware and software support on systems including installation, configuration, application of patches and upgrades, moves and rearrangements, and troubleshoots and performs diagnostics for Level 1 and 2 problems on client specific systems.
Provides Tier 2 support to remote product users for software and hardware of end-user laptop and desktop systems.
Recommends procedures for problem resolution, and escalates issues to Tier 3 support if need be.
Conducts testing and evaluation of new desktop and laptop systems, and for application specific implementations.
Performs setup and configuration of computers, laptops, and other devices with office specific systems including all needed applications, system management software and maintenance tools.
Confers with client users to define requirements and validate conformance to client needs.
Maintains department specific inventories, documents activities, executes and updates procedures.

2016 – 2016 | New Life Christian Academy of Achievers | Math and Science Teacher | Decatur, Georgia
Taught 8th grade geometry,algebra II,precalculus, ACT preparation, science, 6th grade science, 5th grade science and social studies,1 4th grade science and social studies, Design and implement curriculum based on Georgia standards and STEM frameworks. Successfully brought in student results above grade level.
· Developed and implemented a curriculum on heart disease and heart health under a grant to raise heart disease awareness. Students created a heart disease awareness app with a fundraising component and online stores.
· Taught courses on computer repair, software installation and use.
· Skilled at working with diverse groups of children with different skill levels and aptitudes
· Successful at reducing student conflict and building teams

2015 – 2016 | Princeton Academy | Mathematics and English Teacher | Duluth, Georgia
Teach basic arithmetic, mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, precalculus, AP calculus, English, and social studies.

· One of my 8th grade students was accepted to Athens Technical College this year.
· Skilled at working with handicapped students and at teaching study ethics.
· Successful at working with groups of students with widely varying skill levels

2011 – 2016 | Valence Media | Math and English Tutor/Web Developer | Atlanta, GA
Tutor on location for GED and SAT test preparation. Set up and administer websites. Train website administrators. Teach English to Chinese students. Create online software training for Autodesk products. Provide business software consulting services.
· Successfully configured wordpress site for Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church, administered Church facebook pages and trained administrators. Brought the Church pages to the top of web search engines.
· Created an advanced architectural modeling and lighting simulation online training curriculum.
· Tutored students who later passed the GED and SAT exams.

2011 – 2011 | Eamon Art | Manager | Beijing, China
Set up and managed an AP Calculus test preparation, software and multimedia training center in Beijing.China
· Built and setup computers for a twenty seat animation training and production studio
· Setup servers and installed projection and audiovisual systems.
· Completely handled setup and maintenance of training center computers, network, and all necessary infrastructure.
2005 – 2010 | Sichuan Fine Arts Institute | Instructor | Chongqing China
Taught dynamics simulation, multimedia, game and web development. Introduced content management systems for web development and developed a Chinese language curriculum for special effects, and game development with Virtools.
Taught Autodesk courses
· Directed 16 episodes of the Baba Mao children’s show made for broadcast in Vietnam.
· Published Chinese language curriculum on dynamics simulation and special effects.
· Acted as advisor to Masters students on techniques of western public relations whose graduate projects won top honors at the university..

2001 – 2005 | Georgia State University | Educational Technology Specialist | Atlanta, GA
Worked with project manager to speed multimedia project completion and address numerous usability and design issues. Taught popular animation workshops using 3dstudio MAX. Created scientific visualizations for online curriculum used by the Biology and Astronomy Departments. Produced all television programming for the Robinson College of Business closed circuit television system. Developed multimedia websites for faculty and administration using Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Lightscape, Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and others.
· Created instructional design modules for molecular biology with flash learning games and animation.
· Brought instructional design techniques to the biology curriculum.
· Trained faculty, staff and students to utilize new technologies greatly expanding the use of technology in both administration and the curriculum.

1999 – 2001 | Georgia State University | University Web Coordinator | Atlanta, GA
Created GSU Virtual Campus Tour with team of developers enhancing the university image and services to students, Created 3d model of campus for web navigation, Created multimedia websites for faculty, students, and administration. Produced architectural visualizations for proposed construction on campus that won government funding for the university. Trained computer animators and web developers who enhanced high tech curriculum. Provided computer network support for web team, Installed and configured web and video servers keeping the department on the leading edge of technology.
· Created an architectural animation that helped win 2.3 million dollars in funding for the university
· Trained students who later were promoted to staff positions on campus.
· Expanded the use of web multimedia on campus and in curriculum.

1996-1999 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia
Systems Analyst
Train software and hardware support personnel. Training and supervision of technical staff for hardware and software support tasks related to equipment and applications in use at the university.

1994-1996 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia
Technician Supervisor
Training and supervison of technical staff for hardware and software support tasks related to equipment and applications in use at the university. DOS, Windows, Windows95, NT, Novell, Unix, Adobe, and Microsoft product related support.

1993-1994 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia
Microcomputer Technician
Software, hardware, and networking support. DOS, Windows, Novell, Unix, related support. Component level electronics troubleshooting and repair. Training and management of support team of eight to twelve technicians.

1990-1993 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia
Mathematics Tutor
Advanced mathematics tutoring and exam preparation with a focus on real analysis, Vector Calculus, Infinite Series, and Linear Algebra

English Composition, and Remedial English Tutor
Worked as a tutor for students in remedial English and international students at the Learning Assistance Center under Nanette Commander

Languages: HTML, Actionscript, Maxscript, Hscript
Programs: MS Office Suite, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3dstudioMax, Maya, Lightscape, Mojoworld, FinalcutPro, Cleaner, Poser, Premiere, After Effects, Livetype, Joomla, Houdini, and others.
Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/7/8/10; Mac OSX, Leopard, Ubuntu
Databases: MySQL
Hardware: servers, projectors, computer systems, peripheral equipment, videography and photography equipment


Georgia State University | Atlanta, GA | 1994 | B.A. | Mathematics | Education | 3.16


h Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Sequences and Infinite Series, Multivariable Calculus.
h Web development and administration, Graphic design

h Photoshop, Livetype, FinalcutPro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere


“Introduction to Particle Systems: Fireworks Effect.” Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Animation Curriculum. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, January 2006, 5. An introduction to special effects with particle flow in Autodesk 3dsmax. Copy available here:

“Flowing River Effects Without Fluid Simulation.” Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Animation Curriculum. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, January 2007, 5. Methods for fluid flow effects not requiring fluid simulators.
Copy available here:

“Advanced Animated Candle Effect.” Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Animation Curriculum. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, January 2008, 6. Advanced Special Effects: Candle Flame
Copy available here:


h President – Math and Computer Science Club, Atlanta, GA. Georgia State University
h Amnesty International Human Rights Award – Amnesty International, Atlanta, GA. Awarded for contributions to human rights causes.
State Award for Mathematics Excellence – Pi Mu Epsilon, Atlanta, GA National Award for Mathematics Excellence – Pi Mu Epsilon, Atlanta, GA
Award for Service to Handicapped Students – Georgia State University Handicapped Services, Atlanta, GA Chongqing Excellent Foreign Teacher Award – Chongqing City, Chongqing China

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Collectibles Photo Gallery

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200+ Super Free Online Public Health Courses & Training + Certificates

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Plutarch’s Lives Volume I
Plutarch’s Lives Volume II
Plutarch’s Lives Volume III
Plutarch’s Lives Volume IV
Plutarch’s Lives Volume V

Plutarch (/ˈpluːtɑːrk/; Greek: Πλούταρχος, Ploútarkhos, Koine Greek: [plǔːtarkʰos]; c. CE 46 – CE 120), later named, upon becoming a Roman citizen, Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus, (Λούκιος Μέστριος Πλούταρχος) was a Greek biographer and essayist, known primarily for his Parallel Lives and Moralia. He is classified as a Middle Platonist. Plutarch’s surviving works were written in Greek, but intended for both Greek and Roman readers.

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History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella by William Prescott

History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella Volume I
History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella Volume II
History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella Volume III

Early career: The History of Ferdinand and Isabella
In 1821, Prescott abandoned the idea of a legal career because of the continued deterioration of his eyesight, and resolved to devote himself to literature. Although he initially studied a wide range of subjects, including Italian, French, English and Spanish literature, American history, classics and political philosophy, Prescott came to focus on Italian poetry. Among the works he studied during this period were such classics as Dante’s Divine Comedy and Boccacio’s Decameron. His first published works were two essays in the North American Review—both discussing Italian poetry. The first of these, published in 1824, was titled Italian Narrative Poetry, and became somewhat controversial after it was heavily criticized in an Italian review by Lorenzo Da Ponte, the librettist of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Prescott wrote a succinct reply to Da Ponte’s fifty-page argument in the North American Review of July 1825. Da Ponte published the criticisms as an appendix to his translation of Dodley’s Economy of Human life, which resulted in Prescott noticing them rather late.

Prescott first became interested in the history of Spain after his friend, the Harvard professor George Ticknor, sent him copies of his lectures on the subject. Prescott’s studies initially remained broad, but he started preparing material on Ferdinand and Isabella in January 1826. His acquaintance Pascual de Gayangos y Arce helped him construct a sizable personal library of historical books and manuscripts concerning the subject. Alexander Hill Everett, an American diplomat in Spain, also provided him with material which was unavailable to Prescott in Boston. However, progress was stalled almost immediately, due to a sudden deterioration in Prescott’s eyesight. Unable to find a reader fluent in Spanish, Prescott was forced to work through Spanish texts with an assistant who did not understand the language. When Alexander Everett heard of this situation, he provided Prescott with the services of George Lunt, who had adequate knowledge of Spanish for the task. However, this could only be a temporary arrangement, and he was replaced by a man named Hamilton Parker, who held the position for a year. Eventually George Ticknor, who was by then in charge of the department of modern literature at Harvard University, found James L. English, who worked with Prescott until 1831. Among the books studied by Prescott in this period, Ticknor lists Juan Antonio Llorente’s Historia crítica de la Inquisición de España, Historia de los Reyes Católicos don Fernando y doña Isabel by Andrés Bernáldez (es), Voltaire’s Charles XII and William Roscoe’s Life of Lorenzo de Medici, which were to be the sources on which the History of Ferdinand and Isabella was to be based. In spring 1828, Prescott visited Washington, where he and Ticknor dined with John Quincy Adams at the White House, and saw Congress in session.

Due in part to his own condition, Prescott was interested in aiding the blind and partially sighted. The Perkins School for the Blind, then known as the New England Asylum, had been founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Samuel Gridley Howe, Thomas Handasyd Perkins and John Dix Fisher and 28 others in 1829. Prescott involved himself from the very start of the project, becoming a trustee in 1830. He published an article in support of education for the blind in the North American Review of July 1830, and helped to raise $50,000 for the organization in May 1833.

An open book, showing an image of Ferdinand and Isabella enthroned
Title pages of the History of Ferdinand and Isabella, 1838 edition
His work was disturbed in February 1829 by the unexpected death of his eldest daughter Catherine, who was only four years old. This led him to reconsider his position on religion—previously an agnostic, his interest in Christianity was renewed, and having read the Bible, the works of the theologian William Paley as well as more skeptical works such as Hume’s Of Miracles, he came to acknowledge the “moral truth” of the gospels, while remaining opposed to the doctrines of orthodox Christianity. Despite this personal tragedy, and his own continued ill health, Prescott had gathered sufficient material to begin drafting the History in October 1829. At around this time, Prescott read the works of Gabriel Bonnot de Mably, including his historiographical piece De l’étude de l’histoire. He henceforth aimed to write history to de Mably’s romantic ideal, and on more than one occasion expressed his indebtedness to him. Prescott also encountered Elogia de la Réina Doña Isabel, by his Spanish contemporary Diego Clemencín, which helped shape his views concerning the monarchs’ political roles. Due to further problems with his eyesight, it took him sixteen months to write the first three hundred pages of the History. It was largely finished by 1834, but Prescott dedicated two years to abridging and redrafting it. He was also briefly engaged in writing a biography of Charles Brockden Brown for Jared Sparks’ Library of American Biography. Prescott was not familiar with American literature, and he based the work on other contemporary biographies of Brown. As a result, the biography has had little academic impact. In 1835, he took residence in the rural town of Nahant, Massachusetts, due to concerns about his health. He was here accustomed to riding his horses for the purpose of exercise, and he persevered even in sub-zero temperatures. Prescott finished the concluding chapter of the work in July 1836, and despite the amount of time and effort which he had spent on the work, was at first unsure about publishing it. However, his father argued that refusing to do so would amount to cowardice, and this swayed him. Prescott had previously considered publishing the work in London first, and therefore a printed draft copy of the work was sent to a Colonel Aspinwall for consideration. However, both Longman and Murray, which were at the time the leading British publishers, refused the work, and Prescott decided to postpone.

The History of Ferdinand and Isabella was published on Christmas Day, 1837 by the American Stationery Company, Boston, with a print run of 500 copies. It was dedicated to his father. To the surprise of Prescott and the publisher, the book sold very well—the original print run was insufficient to adequately supply Boston’s bookshops, let alone the whole nation’s. It was first published in London by Richard Bentley in early 1838. The work received excellent critical reviews, both in America and in Britain, where Henry Vassall-Fox and Robert Southey expressed their admiration of the work. It was also noticed in France, despite the fact that a French translation was not available at the time. Prescott was adamant that his work should not be altered by anyone other than himself, and when he heard that his publishers were considering an abridgement of the History of Ferdinand and Isabella in June 1839, he produced an abridgement of the work himself, which resulted in the original project’s cancellation. He was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in May 1839 -Wikipedia