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Please visit!

E. Caiman Sands

Elinor Caiman Sands

The swampy, watery residence of writer and artist Elinor Caiman Sands.

10 thoughts on “Please visit!

  1. Dear sir,
    We found the following book at your website.

    2 questions

    1. Is this book still available?
    2. Is the front page really same as your photo?

    Franz Kafka
    The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
    Dover Thrift Editions
    Stanley Appelbaum (Translator) US$7.66

    Also, advise us the shpping charge to Japan too.

    Please advise these matters by return.

    Thank you,

    1. 1. Yes, it is still available.
      2. Yes, the front page is exactly the same as the picture. Glossy, smooth, crisp and tight. Like new.
      3. The total is $24.91. That includes the price of the book and the shipping fee.

  2. Saludos , hice un pedido el día 11 de marzo y aun esta en estado procesando quiero saber si hay algun problema con el pedido.

    1. The book is on the way. Postage has been slow due to the pandemic.

  3. Is this the Emanuel Friedman who developed the Friedman Curve???

  4. Is this book by the Emanual Friedman, well-known for developing what came to be called the “Friedman Curve” to plot the preponderance of how long labour in childbirth takes?

  5. Di you ship to Mexico City?

    1. Yes but there may be some additional shipping cost. Within the US shipping is free.

  6. Dear Alanna,

    Thanks for your order! It has been mailed and I will have the tracking number sent to you tomorrow!

    Best Regards,

    David McBride
    Consider the Lilies Books

  7. Hello, I placed an order last night (14897) and I was wondering when it would be shipped, and if I’ll get a shipping email? Thanks, Jordan

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